Idea and the script


About the Yard circus

Historically Riga has originated and existed as a meeting place of different cultures, as a trading place. Trade merged with dispersion, in which people were always entertained with circus performances. Circus art is democratic and beloved in society. Performances of the touring circus have always been a joyful and significant event.

Until nowadays, street circus culture has not developed in Riga. Project of Yard circus will promote the development of the new circus’s culture and encourage young talents to unite individual self-initiatives. Perhaps, an organized circus troupe will be formed and the first circus school or academy in Latvia will be established.

Due to different reasons many of Riga’s inhabitants cannot attend cultural events, although they would willingly enjoy Riga’s cultural life. Riga is rich with beautiful houses’ inner yards, in which people used to meet and rest. This proofs project’s choice of target audience and venues of the performance. It is easy to step ut to the window or go outside in the yard to watch circus performance. It will help to get to know the neighbors, motivate positive contacts. Positive emotions will make Riga’s people smile and understand that it doesn’t take much to make someone happy.


“Few years ago, when looking outside the window on the inner yard irradiated by the moon, unawares a vision appeared – a circus caravan quietly drives into the yard, happy circus artists jump off and slowly fill up the yard. The inhabitants of surrounding houses come to the windows… And the idea was born – how would it be, if suddenly a circus rolled in a yard? A dream and the idea turned into event!

A circus of another kind – with break dance, jugglers, illusionists, fire turners, trialists, athletes, mimes and other artists that form a performance – will take place in August and September in numerous inner yards of Riga. The musical decoration – different city sounds and street musicians that play percussions, big pipes, combs… The idea of the script belongs to the event agency “Pareizā Ķīmija” (“The Right Chemistry”) together with the creative team of Yard circus.

The performance “URBAN SAGA”

One day in a city life. The main character of the show is city. City as a sound, city as light, city as rhythm. Play of the rhythms. In summer’s dayspring, driving water–machine on the street, people jam in the corners of the streets. City’s character in the performance is embodied by citizen inhabitants – youth, which in real life represent street culture – breakers, velotrialists, fire turners, etc. Those are the people who know the city’s face and feel the pulse of this city. The basis of the performance is not the story, but the chain of senses that are expressed in the rhythm, urban feeling, and impressions. It is Riga today, as we see it, hear it and feel it…